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  • Richards Bay, KZN South Africa

About Us

African Solidarity Campaign (AfriSoC) is a panaafrican non-profit organisation based in Richards Bay Kwazulu Natal South Africa, working to promote peaceful resolution of conflicts and/or disputes, combating any form of violence against women and children, discouraging any sort of discrimination and conflicts between communities. AfriSoc is registered under the department of social development with registration number: 235-967 NPO



1. To promote social cohesion to facilitate reintegration of migrants and refugees in local communities.
2. To lobby and advocating for policies that promote peaceful cohabitation between communities.
3. To sustain improvement of the quality of life of people of concern (refugees and migrants) and local communities by providing social support while at the same time seeking to assure an effective and efficient contribution by these communities to the local and national development process.
4. To Support law enforcement structures in exposing any sort of criminal activities in our communities.
5. To end gender based violence by confronting abuses and creating protections for women, children and promotion of human rights