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Our Work

Community Dialogues

Community Dialogue: Conducting dialogues through round-table discussions and through these dialogues, the non-nationals learn more about South African laws and policies and all parts learn on ways to building trust, tolerance and improving social relations.

Capacity Building

This is achieved by training all including; locals, refugees, and migrant to become agents of social change; providing civic education training workshops. Arming both nationals and non-nationals with peaceful conflict resolution skills. Through its capacity building programme AfriSoc also providing skills building activities in which locals and migrants/refugees learn different skills like Entrepreneurship, Business development and other income generating initiatives

Social Support

Parcels Distributions: Provide assistance to refugees and migrants in terms of food and clothing to the needy.

Lobby and Advocacy

Asylum system in South Africa has so many challenges that compound the suffering of refugees and people seeking asylum. AfriSoC pushes for a system that is fair, humane and effective so that refugees get protection they need and are able to rebuilding their lives. For that we aim to achieve positive policy change for refugees and people seeking asylum in the land.